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Amperes Microphone
Amperes PD2800 Amperes PD2800

Programmable zone grouping
9 priority level settings
LCD display for easy monitoring

Amperes PD2400 Amperes PD2400

24 direct zone key with 4 groups with ALL CALL
Built in 4 tone chime with Chime and Mic volume controls
Up to 3 priority level setting
12 or 24V DC powering

Amperes PD1160 Amperes PD1160

Multipoint paging with EX1102 mic extender
Direct connection to MxP2188 controller

Amperes EP1200 Amperes EP1200

Built in siren tone generator
Visual FIRE indicator
External voice message activation
Dual mode siren tone activation

Amperes PA2120 Amperes PA2120

Available in various ratings
4 Ohm speaker connection available with 25V output
Thermal protection by muting input signal
Momentary short circuit protection
Temperature dependent dual speed cooling fan
Manual reset circuit breaker for AC mains and DC input

Amperes MR1300 Amperes MR1300

2 GB internal memory in SD card
Recording via dynamic microphone or line audio input
Message assignment to front key or remote triggering port
Playback controls mode, Audio output setup
Dry contact port upon message triggering for interfacing to other devices

Amperes MX2222 Amperes MX2222

12 inputs of mic, BGM sources
Priority muting with disable option for normal mixing mode
Switchable phantom power for mic channel 1 to 4
Dual output ; mixed line and BGM output for uninterrupted paging setup

Amperes ZS5601 Amperes ZS5601

Available in 6 (ZS5601) and 12 zone (ZS5121) respectively with ALL CALL
Expandable to more zones as required
Remote zone triggering port via external paging microphone or console
Paging override by Amperes paging console with Priority override indicator
Emergency paging mic triggering port with dry contact for volume controller
overriding application
Flexible amplifier to zone configuration

Amperes TD6240 Amperes TD6240

Expandable and addressable to cater for more than 24 zones
Priority setting for multi point paging setup
Selectable balanced audio output level (mic or line)
Compatible with most zone selectors with remote triggering port
Connects directly to ZS5601 / 5121 via remote triggering port using RJ45 connector

Amperes BC9730 Amperes BC9730

Constant DC voltage charging for 24V battery bank
3A initial charging current with reducing rate over charging time
Built in surge protection and resetable fuse
Output short circuit protection

ITC Microphone

With USB port
screen to display sound
Four function buttons
Remote control over USB


Mixer amplifier & background music
Rated power
2U rack mount & 3U rack mount design

ITC T-105A ITC T-105A

Built-in 100v/70v transformer
In-ceiling type loudspeaker
5„ +1.5„ coaxial speaker unit
Power taps 1.5W, 3W & 6W @100V
All metal components includes grille & baffle
Paint in RAL9016 white

ITC T-601L ITC T-601L

Built-in 100v/70v transformer
Wall mount type loudspeaker
5" full range speaker unit
Power taps 0.75w-1.5w-3w-6w @100V
Wooden enclosure and fabric mask in black
Easy and fast hook wall mount installation

ITC T-720B ITC T-720B

Built-in 100v/70v transformer
Waterproof projector type loudspeaker
Supreme longer distance dispersion horn speaker
IP66 waterproof level
Power taps7.5w-15w @100V
ABS enclosure and metal bracket

ITC TH-0802 ITC TH-0802

Standard conference discussion function
Main unit sets microphone
The chairman unit has the priority to control the speech
Volumn adjustment
Sound reinforcement

TOA Microphone
TOA A-2240 TOA A-2240

Amplifier Guide
Five Channel Integrated
Proven TOA Quality and Reliability
Two Mic Inputs


Rated Input 6W (100Vline), 3W (70Vline)
Rated Impedance
Frequency Response 65 - 18,000 Hz

TOA BS-633 TOA BS-633

Compact and unobtrusive design
Quick and easy installation
High cost-effectiveness
Ideally suited for BGM and announcements

TOA SC-615 TOA SC-615

Both high-impedance (70V/100V lines)
10W, 15W and 30W
Shock-resistant aluminum oval horn
Compliance with IP65.

TOA TS-770 TOA TS-770

Supports up to (70) TS-771 Chairperson and TS-772 Delegate Stations
Aux, Line and Mic inputs
Up to six simultaneous speakers
PA/Record output
System Test function
Person speaking automatic Time-Out function (selectable)

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