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Nurse Call System
Central Controller [DN-2030MA] Central Controller [DN-2030MA]

This device is for a pation in a ward wants to call to a nurse or staff.
In this case, if a patient presses the red button, a nurse response from a receiver.
DN-2010S type is fabricated in a bed head unit.
DN-2010SA type is mounted on the surface of the wall.
These two types can be used with call cord (CC-200SP) or wireless call (DRS-1501K)

Analog Master Receiver(DN-2600A) Analog Master Receiver (DN-2600A)

Controlled by microprocessor and program, the system is very fast and accurate.
As it uses data bus mode, it is very cost-effective and easy to manage.
When needed, the total system can be operated by a PC with user interface.
Operated by touch buttons, It is very durable so you can use it without any breakdown.

PRESENCE SWITCH[RE-6200A] Presence Switch[RE-6200A]

This device is connected to the line distributor.
The aluminum panel is specially processed and the switch is very strong and luxurious.
It is anticorrosive and waterproof.If needed, the panel can be chosen between aluminum and plastic panel.
There is a signal lamp on top of it.
It moulds to the one socket switch box

SPECIAL NURSE CALLER [EMC-510] Special Nurse Caller [EMC-510]

This device is for the place that doesn't need the total nurse call system and need just for emergency call such as shower room and toilet for the disabled.
The main receiver is very small and simple so it can be placed anywhere that is needed.It moulds to the one socket switch box.
It can be wired with a corridor light.

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